Reigning in Chaos Through List-Making (December-January Edition)

Finish the last remaining graf in the intro to the Bible-in-Arabic chapter

Expand the discussion of Drory’s revision of Blau on J-A

Make sure all footnotes for B-i-A chapter are complete

Make addition to poetry chapter per reviewer’s suggestion

(This one ^ turned out to be much more involved than I was expecting — much more a problem of reception history than one directly related to the texts I’m writing about in my book. So for the moment, I’ve done a preliminary documentation of the issue in a discursive footnote, and might come back to it once I have the whole rest of the manuscript squared away, if I have time.)

Revise little intro section of poetry chapter for flow within MS

Send poetry chapter to copy-editor for pre-read

Write abstract for Columbia seminar

Write Columbia seminar talk

Find and re-scan original line drawings for 13th-C volume

Send line drawings to volume edtitor

Plan out Burgos visit

(^halfway done so far)

Plan out walking tour of Madrid

(^halfway done so far)

Write up Toledo notes for graduate assistant

Review manuscript

Change all book footnotes to short-form citation

Fax payment info for image reproductions to the Bodleian

Reread book manuscript to reign in Straussian overstatement

Edit/expand book conclusion

Retranslate passage from Benjamin of Tudela

Restranslate passage from Samawal al-Maghribi

Finish text-translation appendix

Finish graduate seminar syllabus

Assemble undergraduate course pack

Revisit terminology of fiction and fantasy in the last chapter

Make sure all lacunae in library chapter are filled in

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